AUGUST Build Updates

Builders on Las Colinas have been very busy during July, since no heavy works can be carried out in August they have been really pushing forward with the construction in progress….

Join us for a look at the latest build updates on the resort which includes;

  • Limonero Apartments
  • Granado 2 Villas
  • Madrono Sky Villa Apartments
  • Nispero Apartments
  • Ciruelo Villas

The Limonero community has put up an amazing pool deck with stunning views, the infinity pool has been filled…all looks amazing!!!!!

The Granado community has its show villa in place, completely finished, furniture is getting in place and only a few fixtures and fittings left as the final touch. Very soon we will be showing you a preview of this surprising property.

Madroño community: you must have a look to that pool with a beach entrance overlooking the golf course…WOOOW!!!!!

The Nispero community is making fast progress as well, exterior walls are getting painted, and lots of inside works are being done. Make sure you have a look at our tour around the show apartment, located on the ground floor with stunning views and a huge garden.

Also a few bits are done in the Ciruelo community…

If you have a property under construction on Las Colinas Golf and you would like to see the latest update. Give us a shout There is no cost, we would be more than happy to help.

Nispero Apartments
Granado 2 Villas
Limonero Residences
Madrono Sky Villas
Ciruelo Community

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