iL Palco – Tavolozza & carbonara

This journey Vince and Dean took their taste buds on an Italian roller coaster at the amazing restaurant at Las Colinas Golf.

The restaurant itself is in its whole an experience for the retina of the eye, beautiful design that blends in with the views and the surrounding gardens.

Their trip started with the Tavolozza classica Italiana: a handmade sausage and cheese board, a wonderful tour of the gastronomic delights of Italy, the perfect plate to share…wait until you see the picturesque outlay of it. Followed by Spaghetti alla carbonara originale: prepared following the “original” recipe, with “guanciale” (cured meat), egg yolks, pecorino, and freshly ground black pepper. As well as, and one of our favourites, “Mortadella originale di Bologna”: imagine having Mozarella fior di latte, caramelised onion, mortadella and pistachios all in one marvellous pizza…delicious.

This time they decided to complete their journey with some lovely desserts of the Dolci Tentazioni: Cannoli siciliani…a really fun and original dessert, and of course the Homemade apple tart tatin with lemon cream custard…they couldn’t have finished any better!!!

If you like Vince and Dean’s culinary adventures, let us know…and make sure you stay tuned…because their never-ending gastronomic journeys are to be continued…

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