UMAWA – Our first journey

Join Vince and Dean on a journey they will never forget…

“umawa” isn’t just another restaurant at Las Colinas Golf and Country Club, “umawa” is a journey through a creative cuisine created by Chef Alfonso Lillo, where the Nikkei gastronomy is fused with Mediterranean products.

Although the official opening was on the 14th of May, Dean and Vince went on a preview discovery journey with some very interesting stops. The warm up of their journey surprisingly started with a colourful and creamy appetiser based on a diversity of amazing ingredients with different textures, where the taste buds exploded instantly.

The journey started with the “Edamame Beans” with a cream of Teriyaki and truffle, accompanied with “Thai Rolls” based on crab, mussels and curry of carrot.

Their first stop was: “Salmon and Corvina Sashimi”: avocado, cucumber, tobiko, wasabi and nikkei tiger milk….and “White tiradito”: sea bass, scallop, sea fennel, crunchy quinua.

The second stop was pintoresque based on “Thai Salmon Dim Sum”: seafood cream, prawn sauce, Chinese onion, and “Suckling Pig and Gambas Dim Sum”: hoisin, truffle, sesame and citrus aroma…wait until you see how it’s presented.

In normal circumstances one would end the trip with one of their amazing “Citrus from our farm” or “Milhojas Tea”, but since this was a special occasion…Dean and Vince decided to skip the end of the trip…probably because they didn’t want it to end, and finished their journey with a nice chat with Chef Alfonso Lillo.

They enjoyed a lot the time they spent with him: “Chef Alfonso is an amazing person, with a world travelled background and a huge experience in high-end cuisine…we heard some amazing stories from him and are already looking forward to meeting up with him again…a big shout out to Chef Fonsi.”

Make sure you stay tuned on Dean and Vince´s culinary journey, eventually they might reveal the end of the trip at “umawa”…not sure when…since they will keep the taste buds running as long as it takes…

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