UNIK – BREAKFAST avocado & chickpeas

Join Vince and Dean as they continue you through their culinary journey of chef Fonsi’s unik menu.

Today we couldn’t think of a better way then starting off with an extended breakfast at “unik”. We had the best breakfast in a very long time: fresh squeezed orange juice, café con leche, accompanied with:

  • Eggs with avocado & chickpeas – 2 poached eggs, sliced avocado, sautéed organic chickpeas with sun-dried tomato, tear peppers and tahini sauce, served on rustic sourdough toast.
  • Eggs Benedict – 2 poached eggs, with smoked salmon, crispy bacon, with miso Hollandaise sauce on rustic sourdough bread.

It was so nice enjoying breakfast showered by lovely sunlight, the song of the birds and the tranquility of the place…the best way of powering up for the day. Let us know how your breakfast was!!!

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