UNIK – BREAKFAST Gurt & Florintine

Join Vince and Dean as they continue you through their culinary journey of chef Fonsi’s unik menu.

Another awesome breakfast at UNIK keeps us going… This is the breakdown of what we had:

Freshly squeezed orange juice, café con leche and Dean ordered the “Gurt-style eggs”… 2 eggs to taste, hallumi, cucumber, baked sweet potato, mint and fresh chilli, served with natural yoghurt.

Vince tried the “Eggs Florentine”…2 poached eggs, with a base of sautéed baby spinach with sundried tomato and white miso Hollandaise sauce, served on toasted muffins.

Again a “WOW” breakfast, tasty, healthy and enjoyable. We are wondering if it can get any better…

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