UNIK – Burrata & Pokes

Join Vince and Dean for a lunch at unik, featuring the latest menu from chef Fonsi.

Join Vince and Dean for a nice lunch at “unik”… To get the taste buds going  “Iberian ham croquettes”: Iberian ham with bechamel served with pineapple chutney & slice of ham accompanied with the “Puglian Burrata salad”: carpaccio of Iberian tomato, cucumber, black olive soil, cherry tomato and pistachio basil pesto.

Followed by one of the “Pokes of the world”, the Vegetarian bowl with chilli marinated tofu, avocado, edamame, cherry tomato, cucumber, sweetcorn & smoked cream served with sushi quinoa, and how not have a hearty Hawaiina burger prepared with mature beef ribs, grilled pineapple with chilli & coconut mayonnaise.c

This was a real rollercoaster for our taste buds…remember if you happen to go on one, make sure to share your experience with us…we would really like to know your thoughts.

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