Join Vince and Dean as they continue you through their culinary journey of chef Fonsi’s unik menu.

At “unik” … LOVE Colinas keep their taste buds going…On this occasion we started with the amazing Oxtail croquettes and a wonderful Ceasar salad, as colour full as tasty, … imagine having bicolour endives, garlic focaccia, sundried tomato, carved head salad, roast chicken, Grana Padano parmesan slices with the unik sauce…all in one bowl!!!

The starters were followed by THE Clubhouse sandwich, and the unbeatable baked salmon with parmesan crust, baby potatoes, cream of beetroot sauce and a colourful array of seasonal vegetables…Check it out on this video…it will definitely help you to decide next time you go for lunch at “unik“…and if you do make sure you share your experience!!!

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