Join Vince and Dean as they continue you through their culinary journey of chef Fonsi’s unik menu.

Dean and Vince´s taste buds rollercoaster journey continues, this time they had a stop at “unik” @lascolinasgolf and each one picked out a dish they hadn’t tried yet…you must bear in mind they have already had a few dishes 🙂

After a while of deep and profound thinking, due to a state of relaxation they were in caused by the tranquility and the rays of the sun at 14:30 p.m. on that one and “unik” terrace, they decided to start with the refreshing Guacamole 3.1 made with, as a reminder, fresh avocado from la Vega Baja, avocado and coriander oil & toasted tortilla chips.

This was followed by, on one side, “Picantón” which is the “Piri-piri” spiced low temperature cooked chicken, finished in the oven and served with tasty new potatoes and Padron peppers. On the other side “Chicken panan curry”: seasonal vegetables, coconut Basmati rice, roasted cashew nuts, tahini cream and thai sauce…

Mmmmmm…a few more delicious choices…

They managed to reach the final round, the outcome of it is still unknown, but what we do know is that they ended up with two nice “café con leche” … in order to get some work done afterwards 🙂

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