We took a sneak peek at the latest, most extravagant villa on Las Colinas Golf

The “Morning Breeze” villa by Monica Armani, has one the most amazing designs on the best location at Las Colinas Golf and Country Club. The 1.800m2 plot, its 270º view over the golf course, the transparent infinity pool overlooking the landscape, the sea views, the underground aquarium effect windows, SPA and an endless list of surprising features, turn this approximately 700m2 villa into something unique…and will definitely leave you speechless once you have seen it. 

In true Bauhaus style, the architect and multidisciplinary designer Monica Armani has created from macro to micro, every single detail of this “one” and “unique” Morning Breeze villa. The moment you walk in you have the instant feeling that space has been connected with nature enhancing the sights and sensations of the surrounding landscape.

“We must listen to our surroundings and absorb its vast influences. Sustainability provides an important lens for our design approach, our use of technology, and our choice of materials, all for the long view. The consideration driving our design approach at “Morning Breeze” is to interpret the uniqueness of the location and create an exclusive, affective and lasting residence”. Monica Armani

Is this the most exclusive villa on the resort?

The experience of this singular and unique design can only be approached by visiting this state of the art property, so remember if you have any further questions regarding this amazing villa, you’d like to book a virtual tour or visit it…make sure you let us know!

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